Every so often, it’s healthy to reinvent yourself. Change is a part of life and should also be reflected in how you look.

But what should you do to really shock the people around you and make them take notice? That’s the topic of this post. We look at some of the ways you can say hello to the new you while creating a ruckus at the same time.

Try A Pixie Cut


Unsplash – CC0 License

Getting a pixie cut is often the first step to changing how you look and creating a stir. Going for a shorter cut reveals more of the face and changes your femininity.

What’s more, pixie cuts help to bring out your fashion choices. More of your neck is on show, allowing clothes to flow gracefully.

Try Natural Beauty

Another thing you can try is embracing natural beauty. Showing people what you look like without a thick layer of makeup blocking the view can have a massive effect on how they perceive you.

Yes, going au naturel is scary, but it can be liberating at the same time. You don’t feel like you’re hiding anymore and everyone gets to enjoy who you are.

Get A New Piercing

Getting a new piercing is another thing that will shock everyone. You could opt for anything from pierced nipples to a nose ring.

Piercing in unusual places is always attention-grabbing because so few people have them. Not only is it spicy, but it also makes you stand out from the crowd.

Add More Accessories

You could also try adding more accessories to your outfits to make them “pop” more. Including scarves and bags can make a massive difference and complete your look. Just make sure they match your existing wardrobe to avoid clashing.

When adding accessories, look for bolder and brighter colors. Make these items the focal point of your outfit, immediately drawing the eye.

The leading fashion brands tend to be the best in this respect. Dior, Guess, and Chanel all make fantastic accessories that people notice straight away.

Find The Perfect Fit

If you haven’t done so already, it’s also a good idea to find clothes that offer the perfect fit. Slipping snugly into a blouse or pair of hot pants brings out your figure and lets you show off who you are underneath.

Many people go through life wearing baggy clothes and trying to avoid attention. But when you change this status quo and decide that you want to stand out, it changes everything. Suddenly, you start grabbing all the attention.

Finding the perfect fit can be a little challenging if you have a non-standard body shape. Therefore, go to a tailor and find out how they can help you find a better drape for your clothing. Often, a few simple adjustments are all you need. Even if you have a regular shape, you can still benefit from custom-made clothes.

So, there you have it: some ways you can change your look and shock everyone. Which will you try on your next night out?