As warmer weather approaches, it’s time to start thinking about keeping your skin silky smooth for those sunny days ahead! Whether you’re envisioning bare legs in dresses or confidently rocking sleeveless tops, we’ve got you covered at KG Salon in Bedfordshire!

Here’s a quick rundown of some frequently asked questions we often hear about waxing:

Is waxing painful? Pain varies from person to person, but rest assured, it’s temporary and far less intense than you might think. Plus, with each visit, it becomes even more manageable as the hair grows finer.

How can I avoid feeling embarrassed during an intimate wax? We understand feeling self-conscious, especially if it’s your first time. But trust our therapists—they’re total pros and will put you at ease. Plus, we offer disposable panties for added coverage.

Can I schedule an intimate wax during my period? We generally recommend waiting until after your period as the skin tends to be more sensitive during that time.

Waxing vs. Shaving: Which is better? Hands down, waxing wins for longer-lasting results and smoother skin. No more dealing with stubble or cuts!

Will waxing reduce my hair growth? Absolutely! With regular waxing, your hair will grow back finer and slower over time.

How do I prepare for a waxing appointment? Make sure you’ve got about a quarter inch of hair growth (half an inch for coarse hair) and consider exfoliating the day before for a more comfortable experience.

How long does a waxing session take? It varies depending on what you’re getting done, but typically, appointments range from 10 minutes for eyebrows to around an hour for multiple areas.

How often should I wax? Aim for every 4-6 weeks for optimal results. Consistency is key for less sensitivity and finer hair growth.

Ready to give waxing a try or have more questions? Feel free to reach out anytime to book your appointment or learn more about our services at KG Salon in Bedfordshire!