Beauty treatments can help you to look and feel amazing for either a special occasion or simply as a little treat for yourself. When booking a beauty appointment, you take perhaps the best step towards self-care and carve out dedicated time to get yourself looking and feeling great at last.

But how effective your treatment ends up being is also dependent on you. After all, if you’re not in the right headspace, or you don’t have a clear vision of what you’re expecting, then you may end up rushing through the process and missing its true benefits. 

We don’t want that, and neither do you. That’s why we’ve put together a quick-fire guide about how to get the most out of any beauty treatment.

Step 1: Have a clear idea of what you want

Whether you’re getting your nails done or have booked a spray tan, knowing what you want is key to ensuring the best outcomes. This is especially true for nails, where seeking inspiration beforehand can see you with far more impressive, well-suited results than if you rushed to pick a colour when you arrived. Even with something like a spray tan, knowing roughly how dark you’d like your tan can secure the ideal look, without the risk of overkill.

Step 2: Read up about the procedure

While you don’t need to spend hours researching a beauty appointment, reading up about the procedure can help you to prepare for the best results. With a spray tan, for instance, it’s best to remove things like jewellery and avoid tight clothes. When tanning your face, you may also want to remove additions like nose rings and clear aligners. Even outside of tanning, preparing for things like dermaplaning or brow tints often requires removing makeup and thoroughly cleaning your skin before you get going. 

Step 3: Get in the right headspace

There’s nothing wrong with fitting beauty treatments wherever you can, but if you rush right to your facial from work, then you probably won’t be in the ideal mood to truly enjoy it. As such, try to get in the right, relaxed headspace before you arrive, either by listening to relaxing music, taking a little time out to unwind, or even just taking a few steadying breaths before you head in. 

Step 4: Be prepared to book again

Booking any beauty treatment means that you’re prioritising self-care at last, but that won’t help if you book once and never come again. After all, everything from tanning to nails and even lash lifts requires repeat appointments at least every six weeks. By booking in again as soon as you’ve had your first appointment, you make it way less likely that you’ll come up with excuses next time, and ensure that you’re able to enjoy the benefits of whichever treatment you’ve chosen for a whole lot longer as a result.

Beauty treatments can transform your appearance and your headspace. Simply make sure you’re getting the most out of them every time with these top tips!