It’s not often I get to pick up my lash tweezers these days, but a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing Makayla’s lashes before her trip away. So, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to talk about how I created this set using our Premade lashes.

So in a nutshell, think “volume-style lashes,” but with a touch of magic that makes the process quicker. With Premade lashes, the fan is thoughtfully pre-made, ensuring precision and consistency in every application. This means you get to enjoy the luscious, voluminous look you desire in a fraction of the time!

Here’s why Premade lashes have become our latest obsession and a game-changer for many of our clients:

Time-Saving Beauty: We understand that life can get hectic, leaving little time for self-care. With Premade lashes, you can achieve those stunning, full lashes without compromising your busy schedule. Our expert artists work their magic swiftly, giving you the dreamy look you deserve.

Comfort and Convenience: For those who struggle with lying flat for extended periods or are expecting a precious little one, Premade lashes are a blessing. The reduced application time means less time spent in a fixed position, making the entire experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Versatility and¬†Customisation: Don’t be fooled by the term “premade” – these lashes are far from one-size-fits-all. Our lash artists are skilled in the art of customising Premade lashes to suit your unique eye shape and personal style. You can still enjoy the freedom to choose the length, curl, and thickness that complements your natural beauty flawlessly.

Long-Lasting Glamour: Premade lashes are expertly designed to offer longevity and durability. You can confidently flaunt those captivating lashes for weeks before needing a top-up, ensuring your beauty shines through day after day.

Ideal for Special Occasions: Whether it’s a glamorous event or a photoshoot to capture precious memories, Premade lashes are the perfect go-to option to achieve that show-stopping look effortlessly.

Our team of talented lash artists is excited to take you on this lash journey, where beauty knows no bounds.

Are you ready to experience the magic? Schedule your next appointment with us, and let our skilled artists work their wonders.