Honoring Gorgeous George: Join KG Salon in the Fight Against Brain Tumours

We have important news to share with you. KG Salon is proud to announce that we will be hosting a special fundraiser to raise money for Brain Tumour Research. This fundraiser is dedicated to the memory of a remarkable young boy named Gorgeous George, who touched the hearts of many in Barton Le Clay and beyond.

Remembering Gorgeous George: A Beacon of Joy and Determination

George, affectionately known as “Gorgeous George,” was a beloved middle child who brought joy and laughter to everyone he encountered. His warm personality and unwavering determination inspired those around him. Born on 15th November 2008, George faced a tragic journey when, in April 2021, he began experiencing excruciating headaches and vomiting. Initially mistaken for migraines, George was later diagnosed with a 5cm Glioblastoma brain tumour.

Throughout his journey, George displayed immense strength and resilience. He underwent a 10-hour brain surgery, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, all while maintaining his infectious smile, despite the challenges he faced. Sadly, George’s tumour proved to be highly aggressive, and on 12th April 2022, at the age of 13, he passed away, leaving a void in the lives of his family and friends that can never be filled.

The Ear Piercing Marathon Fundraiser: Making a Meaningful Difference

To honor George’s memory and continue the fight against brain tumours, KG Salon is organizing an Ear Piercing Marathon as a fundraiser. From 25th July to 1st September, we invite all our valued clients, friends, and family to visit the salon for any ear piercing service. For every ear piercing performed during this period, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Brain Tumour Research.

Making a Difference Together: Advancing Vital Research

By participating in our Ear Piercing Marathon and spreading the word about our fundraiser, you can directly contribute to the advancement of vital research and help us honor Gorgeous George’s memory in a meaningful way. Together, we can raise awareness and funds that will bring us closer to a cure, offering hope to countless families facing similar challenges.

A Message from George’s Incredible Mum, Louise Fox

Louise Fox, George’s mother, shares her determination to fight for change: “We as a family are campaigning, as historically only 1% of cancer research funding goes towards Brain Tumour Research, yet it’s the biggest killing cancer of our children. We will continue to fight so that George’s life isn’t in vain.” George’s story has opened our eyes to the sobering reality of brain tumours, and we are committed to joining Louise and her family in the fight for change.

Support and Participate in the Fundraiser

If you have little ones who want to have their ears pierced over the summer holidays, we offer ear piercing services for children as young as 6 months old. As a token of appreciation for their bravery, we have lovely children’s nail art goodie bags donated by Salon Serve for them to take home.

If ear piercing is not your preference but you still want to support the cause, we have opened a JustGiving page where you can make a donation. Additionally, you’re welcome to visit the salon and contribute cash donations to the fundraising effort.

We sincerely thank you for your ongoing support. Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of those affected by brain tumours. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the fundraiser, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Join KG Salon in honoring Gorgeous George’s memory and supporting Brain Tumour Research. Together, we can bring hope and change to countless families facing this devastating disease.

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