How are you feeling? No, really… how are you? Are you feeling at your BEST?

Do you wake up in the morning and feel confident enough to just walk out the door as you are? No make up and hair up.

If your answer is no, hear me out…

That used to be me. I wouldn’t dare leave the house without my makeup done and my hair perfect. I just didn’t feel confident. Then I found lash extensions, and they changed the game! 😍

Lashes are SUCH a confidence boost 🚀 . Once I learnt and felt this, I couldn’t wait to give others this newfound confidence. The treatment was and STILL IS way more than just putting lashes on. Giving someone that boost in themselves really is the greatest feeling 🥰 .

They are like semi permanent make up (completely pain-free and damage free btw!). Goodbye mascara and eyeliner 👋  and hello extra time in the mornings enhanced ‘no make up’ look!

Best part, we are lash specialists and we offer different styles to suit everyone’s lifestyle and preferences and we can completely tailor your lashes to you.

Could you do with a confidence boost!?

Tell me more 👀

So you might think; “But I don’t know what style will suit me”, no stress! We can help you with that.

Or you might think “How do I maintain them?”, that’s an easy one! Infills! We always recommend booking your infills every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking at their best! But this will vary and depends on many factors, such as your own lash cycle. We can advise you with this as well to manage your bookings after your initial appointment.

Please also note; All lash services require a patch test 48 hours before. You can pop in any time during our opening hours for this. No need to book for this.

Let me start now by going through our LASH EXTENSION MENU 👇




The name gives you a little hint. It’s a classic look, meaning they are a beautifully natural looking lash extension. With a 1:1 application, meaning 1 extension will apply to 1 natural lash. Giving you a natural enhancement and that “mascara look” by adding more definition to your natural lashes with thickness and length.

⏰  Treatment time; approx 60 mins




The perfect balance between natural, but wanting a little more volume! These are a mix of Classic & Volume lashes. If your wanting more of a texture, wispy and slightly darker lash line, but don’t want them as full as Volume, Hybrids are your perfect middle ground.

⏰  Treatment time; approx 90 mins




Wanting that more dramatic look? Volume lashes are 2-6 very fine, tiny lashes fanned on 1 natural lash. This style will offer a fluffier, fuller, denser look. This style is perfect if you don’t have a lot of natural lashes, sparse or bald spots in your natural lash line, we would be able to give the illusion of a full lash line with this technique. OR you just want to wake up with that “strip lash” look 😍

⏰  Treatment time; approx 120 mins




If you want the volume look, BUT FASTER – Premades are the answer! The handmade fans that are created by your therapist during your Volume Lash appointment are simply already made! Making it a must faster process. We brought these in to help clients who wanted lashes by couldn’t find the time. Plus those who didn’t want to or found it difficult to lie down for the duration of a Volume Lash appointment.

They give a perfectly uniformed volume look, bonus being you can have beautiful fluffy lashes quicker!

⏰  Treatment time; approx 85 mins




They are the mega volumes, the extra fluffy, extra dense, all round EXTRA! ✨  And we love them! They are gorgeous for a special event, giving that real wow factor! Of course, if you preferred this look every day, that’s no problem either! Up to 8-14 lashes can be added to 1 natural lash.

⏰  Treatment time; approx 180 mins



You can book free lash consultation, and one of our Lash Experts will sit down with you and help you choose the perfect style for you. Give us a call on 01582 883611 or reply to this email if you would like to book for this.



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An absolute essential for lash wearers… even strip lashes!

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