We hope you enjoyed a lovely bank holiday!

Have you heard the saying “When the going gets tough, the tough gets a pedicure?

No? 🤣 well now you have! The sun is coming which means the toes can be free!🦶 Let’s be honest, your sandals don’t look great with hard, dry, cracked skin on your feet 🥴

Let us fix that…

To let us take care of you for an hour or so, and treat your feet to a well deserved pamper!

With our pedicures, we guarantee a relaxing experience using the finest Footlogix products.

We have a couple of options for you to choose from…

Pedicure – We’ll shape your nails, tidy up those cuticles, full exfoliation and remove all that dead skin, and finish with a relaxing massage and polish (30 mins)

Luxury Pedicure – All the above, but with an extended blissful massage and heated booties for the ultimate relaxation (1 hour)

You can always upgrade both to have Gel Overlays on your toes!



Fancy an extra treat?

Durrrrh, of course you do! 💁

For every treatment you have with us, you will gain points on your KG Treat Card as a thank you from us. Your points add up, and you can use them to have a FREE treatment!

So don’t forget to bring your little Treat Card to every appointment to build your points.

If you are not sure how many points you have, send us a message or ask us when you’re next in. You might even have enough for a full set of lashes worth £85! 😮


Speak to you all soon,


KG Salon x