We offer a full menu of waxing in the salon, using the very best of wax by “Mooeys”  giving an incredibly smooth finish.
❎No post shave stubble or missed areas!
✅Even if your hair grows quickly you can enjoy being hair free for 3-4 weeks!
Waxing removes the hair from the root, whereas shaving just cuts the hair at skin level, even the closest shave still leaves hair under the surface ready to appear in just a day or two!
With the hair being removed from the root your hair will regrow with a finely tapered edge instead of blunt cut after shaving, leaving you with that stubbly feeling. Plus over time your hair may stop growing back altogether!
We’ve all been there.. it can be sore as you’ve irritated your skin. Some people are prone to shaving rash as well. When you think about it your causing friction to yours skin every few days by shaving. Say goodbye to that with waxing!
Professional waxing therapists are trained to know the best way to removed the wax to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs which can be sooo painful!
I don’t know about you but I find shaving an CHORE! Booking in for a wax gives you a chance to be cared for by our professional therapists and take time out of your busy life to do something that makes you feel amazing with long lasting results – you never have to worry about what your might wear in summer incase you haven’t shaved!
Book in your waxing today at KG Salon