Win a FREE £1000 & 1 year support!


Katie Godfrey the CEO of the KG brand is running a competition on our Instagram page from now till the 2nd January.


For more information please read on.


Have you always dreamt of starting a business? Got that business idea

but need that nudge to push you forward to finally launch.

Or maybe you already have a business that Covid-19 has hit hard and

this will provide an opportunity to keep your business going.


I want to help you. I want to give someone the opportunity to go into

2021 with the start they deserve, the opportunity they might never of

otherwise had.

£1000 to invest in their business and one year’s business mentoring

support with myself to get you on your way.


This is for any industry!!


How to apply:


  • Applicants must send in their stories by Instagram.
  • You can apply for someone else.
  • You need to have a passion for starting a business or have a
  • business highly affected by Covid19.



Applying because you want to start a business?


  • You must send in your business ideas.
  • What you have worked on so far to launch this business.
  • What financial backing you have so far to support you.
  • What would you spend the £1000 on?
  • What would it mean to have the support of our business mentoring?



Already in business that’s Covid-19 affected?


  • How would this money support your business?
  • What would you spend the money on?
  • What financial support have you had through the pandemic?
  • How make or break are you in business at the moment?
  • How would winning this change you/your business?


Applications will stop on the 2nd January and if you have been

shortlisted will be privately contacted for possible questions.

Winner will be announced on the 5th January.


Money has to be spent solely on the business only and this will be

tracked by invoices.


Why am I doing this?


My businesses have suffered this year, like everyone’s. Could I do

with £1000? Yes of course! But does someone need it more than me?


I am so grateful for seeing in this New Year with my health, my family

and all my businesses still standing even if we have lost over £150k

this year. For me that is truly blessed. I need to give back, I have

a desire to support and help someone where this opportunity could make a difference to their life. Someone who will believe in their vision, give them the push they need and support them for a year in their business.

In business 20% of start up’s fail, and that’s without a pandemic.


I look forward to hearing your stories and can’t wait to support that special person in 2021.