I’m just a beauty therapist……

No I’m more than that. I’m a counsellor, a listener, a supporter.

A shoulder to cry on.

That person you tell that you have just got engaged and we talk about your plans every other week till the day I pamper you for the biggest day of your life.

I’m the person you tell about your latest match on tinder and planning your first date before anyone else.

I’m the person who knows your down from the second you walk in and know it’s ok to just be present in your treatment.

I’m the person that gives you a hug when you have had an argument with your husband and tell you it’s going to be ok.

I’m the person you tell when you have found a lump and not sure what is it.

I’m the person that gives you strength when you’re going through cancer treatment.

I’m one of the first people you tell that your pregnant before your first scan.
I’m the person that see’s your baby grow up through the years and first to ever paint their nails.

I’m the person that cries with you when you lose a loved one.

We are so much more than “just a beauty therapist, or just a lash artist, or just a nail tech.”
We are huge people in our clients lives and we love everyone of you

Thank you for coming to KG!