Who is due lash infills?

I know a lot of you now are due your lash infills. They might start going in other directions and getting gappy! 

Try your best NOT TO:

  • PICK. Please don’t pick your lashes. This is going to cause damage and then when you come to get a full set, we are going to have less lashes to lash. We want nice healthy lashes.
  • RUBBING. Try not to rub. I know it can be uncomfortable when they are growing out, but please try your best not too as to much rubbing can cause the extensiosn to be pulled out which will also cause damage. 
  • LASH YOURSELF. Thats a no no. Please don’t tempt to get any supplies and lash yourself. This can cause so much damage and very dangerous. 

What you can do:

  • WASH YOUR LASHES. Still do this still daily. This will keep them clean plus stop any oil build up that will make them itchy. 
  • BRUSH THEM. Carry on brushing them daily. Even if they are gappy. This will just keep them going in the right direction and not putting any pressure on your natural lashes falling the wrong way. 

I cannot believe I am saying this….. as its NO NO normally. But if you really cannot stand the gappyness and still trying to impress your partner 😉 Then add some mascara on the natural lashes where your gaps are. As you are more than likely going to have a full set once we are out of lock down, its ok to do this. Just wash off daily. 

It is really best and the safest to try and let them fall out naturally rather than removing yourself. 

If you have any questions, please shout me. I am happy to help. 


Katie Godfrey – Director at KG Salon


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