I’m really sad to announce we are closing. 

The last few days have been really emotional deciding what to do for the best. A fully booked salon and a team that want to pamper you. 

This salon is my life, it’s been my life for 11 years. It’s how I began my career, changed me into the business women I am today and let me bring up my little girl on my own. It’s formed careers for everyone that’s been part of us and I cannot explain to you how upsetting it is to close the doors. 

I have been waiting for the government to announce something to make the decision for me and I was so sure I was going to wait until they made us close. 

But if anything happened within my salon I will never forgive myself. As we know a beauty treatment is not social distancing and there isn’t any deny in that. It would be irresponsible for me to stay open. I know my team are safe, my clients are safe and my own family. 

My team are amazing, I’m so happy that they will be getting what the government is generously offering and being able to actually take a big break that’s not going to effect the jobs or finances and to make the most of this suituation and spend quality time with there family’s. 

To my clients, I’m devastated. I feel like I serve you and now we can’t. But have have to do this to protect you and everyone. I’m so sorry if we are cancelling your appointments over these coming weeks, I really hope you understand. 

Many of you have been coming to us for nearly 11 years and I’m so grateful, I really hope you carry on supporting me and the team for when we launch back and we can pamper you again. 

While this is going on I’ll be doing everything I can to keep the salon a float and ready for when we all come back whenever that will be. 

I am keeping the online booking system open so you can book appointments in for the months to come just so you have a slot. But there is no date when we will be open. So keep an eye out from updates from us and these appointments will be moved. 

We will not be offering mobile work during this time as its defeating the object and actually more risky for my team. So please do not approach them to do this.

If you need help with removals of your nails/lashes please contact us so we can tell you the best ways for this. 

If anyone needs top up of products and starts to run out, please also let me know as we can post out for you for now.  

This isn’t bye, it’s see you soon. Please take this time to stay inside, help the NHS and get rid of this disease. 

Stay safe and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.