As you know at KG Salon we have always been very proud of the fact we only use hand nail files on all of our acrylic and gel nail treatments, instead of the cheap drills. This is to prevent causing any damage to the natural nail. However, like everything in life, things evolve and improvements are made.

Introducing the brand new e-file.

The e-file is very different to any of the standard ‘nail shop’ drills because of it’s unique, non-damaging design. That’s why we have decided to invest in the best, premium drill available, the Kupa e-file and on Monday 7th November multi-award winning nail technician Katie Barnes will be conducting training at the salon.

Katie has won numerous awards and produces lots of gorgeous nails for many celebrities. We feel very privileged to have her coming to our salon to train the team!

Why have we decided to acquire the e-file?

Our aim is for your nails to always look absolutely perfect!! The e-file is able to create a perfect and flawless finish with each use. It also speeds up the process time, which equals better quality nails in less time. It also leaves more time for nail art and glitters you may wish to add.

Our promise to you is the e-file will not cause any damage to your natural nails so please do not worry, they are nothing like the drills in other nail shops!

We have thoroughly researched the e-file and can assure you that you will not be disappointed in the e-file. Once you see the results you will be even happier with how your nails look.

But, if you would still like a hand file used in your treatment that’s no problem at all. Just let your therapist know.


Look forward to seeing you all soon.

KG Salon