Ever since we first opened the doors at KG Salon, Barton Le Clay we have had 0.3 compliant sunbeds.

Everyone has their own opinions on using sunbeds. Some people love them and some people wouldn’t touch them at all. That is completely fine as there is so many different options nowadays for tanning to suit everyone.


So what does 0.3 compliant mean?

At KG Salon we wouldn’t ever bring something in that was going to harm someone. We make sure we stick with regulations and guidelines the whole time and put the safety of our clients first.

Anything with a UV output above 0.3W/m2 is deemed as “unsafe” This is because of the significantly higher risk of sunbed users overexposing themselves and burning. Which is what the danger is.

Going on sunbeds that are 0.3 compliant reduce the risk of burning or actually burning at all if they are operated right. Which KG Salon are proud to stand up that we are.

How do I know if a sunbed is 0.3 compliant?

  • The sunbed won’t feel as hot but are still tanning. The sunbed will keep cool and at a temperature to avoid burning. YOU WILL STILL TAN.
  • You will go on the sunbed for longer. If you get told to go onto a sunbed for 2-5 minutes most of the time won’t be compliant. You need to go on a compliant sunbed for 7-15 minutes. Most clients go on for 15 minutes after they have been on a few times.
  • Your tan will last longer. It might take longer to build your tan as your not burning. But not burning will make you not peel. Meaning you will have a longer, deeper lasting tan.


Always tan safe. You are safe with KG Salon so happy tanning.