Hello Everyone,


I would like to talk about Beautiful Minds, a charity about mental health within our industry. This is a daily growing issue in our world right now and we are big supporters backing anything that will help mental health. Beautiful minds was set up by a friend of ours Christopher Kitchen. We will be sharing his story and more about the Charity in the coming weeks on our podcast ” The Life Of KG” but please see below their latest press release and links so you can learn more.


Beautiful Minds 2019 March 1st


I would first like to thank everybody who has supported Beautiful Minds already.

Considering the project was only announced on the 21stof January, the response has been phenomenal!


We’d love your help to keep this momentum going as with close to 7months to go and some incredible events planned we really have the potential to make a great impact on the industries attitude towards mental health and hopefully send a lasting and positive message to everybody that the easiest way to help yourself is by helping each other 💜


Beautiful Minds was announced as running from September 1-15thbut I have decided to relax this time frame to allow even more participation, with over 60 techs, Educators and salons planning fundraisers already! We’d love your help to encourage more to participate and all enquires can be directed via the Beautiful Minds Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/beautifulminds150919/


The next scheduled fundraiser is hosted by Gemma Lambert and The Nail Team on March 11thwith all the event details here https://www.facebook.com/events/310705026463882/?ti=ia


I have also managed to convince industry icons Kirsty Meakin and Katie Barnes to participate in a sponsored skydive to raise money for PAPYRUS a Charity who work to prevent suicide in young people, and are a Charity whom are very important to my personal journey.

We are aiming to raise £15,000 for this event alone with a video ready to be published on the Naio Nails YouTube channel featuring myself being treated to a Beautiful Minds inspired design from Kirsty herself to promote it!


The Beautiful Minds Finale is really starting to take shape after a pre-PB visit to the Royal Hotel in Clacton to start putting plans into place with our generous hosts Georgie and Jason Smedley.

Donations for our Goodie bags have been offered from product suppliers from all areas of the beauty industry and the lots already confirmed for the charity auction promise a great night.


We of course would like to welcome you to contribute to the event in anyway you can whether that be via sponsorship for the event (please contact me directly for further details) Donations for the goody bags or auction or anything you think would help make the night as memorable as possible for everybody taking the time to come and support Beautiful Minds.


Once again thank you for taking the time and wanting to support Beautiful Minds, this is something I’ve been organising single handily behind the scenes for a few months, but to see the response after only 5 weeks of me announcing it has been the most positively emotional experience of my life and the support shown by everybody I saw at Pro Beauty this past weekend has only increased my optimism that together we can achieve something really special


Below are all the links to our social media and it would mean a lot if you could share the information wherever possible 💜


Yours gratefully


Christopher KitchenBeautiful Minds