So today I received an email from a lovely lady wanting some advice.She had been to a nail bar in Luton – I won’t name which one as I don’t want to be the one to name and shame.


She had a pedicure done and her toe nail is now extremely infected, poor lady is on antibiotics that aren’t even working and she can hardly walk without being in a lot of pain.
This is not the first story I have heard, Iv had many people in my salon with cut feet, infected and damaged nails. These are people coming from MMA nail bars and now want our help.

Every salons biggest competitor is the MMA salons. But I don’t understand why?


Ok I get people say it’s cheaper and its convenient, but surely you wouldn’t want to save £5.00 and get to have a infected nail chucked in too?

There has been a lot of bad press around these nail bars, and lot of people complaining from all over the country.



So how are these nail bars still in business? Why do you walk past them and they are still heaving with ladies wanting there nails done?



So what makes you choose an MMA salon over a beauty salon?



Let’s do a little list so you can see about each salon:
Example – My salon – KG Salon


* Friendly service

* Refreshments

* Lots of free parking outside

* Very well priced

* In and out in an hour

* Appointments only, so get seen at your time booked without waiting

* Build up relationship with the salon/therapist

* Any problems/complaints get sorted out straight away

* Qualified and insured members of staff

I could go on…..



MMA Salon


*Around £5 cheaper than a beauty salon

* In a town centre that you have to get parked and pay for parking

* Hardly any conversation / customer service

* Health and hygiene risks

* Illegal products being used

* No appointment necessary but you might be waiting for a good hour



So why are these nail bars so popular?



Would love to hear all your views. Without educating people, people won’t know any different until they end up with infections.



Look forward to hearing your view.

Katie Godfrey

Director of KG Salon