Last week our stunning client, Megan won Miss Bedfordshire. We could not of imagined a better role model to win Miss Bedfordshire.


We was lucky enough to enhance her beauty even more by applying Semi Permanent Lashes. Laura our therapist and lash artist, did an amazing job!


These lashes, would be like an enhanced mascara look, natural but noticeable and will last 2-3 weeks before a top-up is due. 

Megan said: “I will defiantly be coming back to get the classic lashes for the finals of miss England in August they look stunning and are still lovely
We hope Megan has the most wonderful time being Miss Bedfordshire – and can’t wait to see her in the finals of Miss England in August! 


All the best hun and keep up the good work. 
Love Katie and the team at KG Salon x
Some words from Megan below:

I can’t put into words how truly grateful I am and how blessed I am to be holding this title, it’s something I started in 2012 by entering miss Bedfordshire to build my confidence and help with my huge fear of speaking in public and facing judgement. It was one of the scariest things I had ever done to bare yourself to a crowd of people and a row of judges and show who you really are. But it also first the BEST thing I ever did because I have gone from strength to strength over the years and met the most heartwarming people!
The whole miss England organisation and miss world organisation with all the regional heats are way more than just a glittery exterior. The base and foundation it’s grown from it’s an absolutely incredible charity ?#?beautywithapurpose? which helps disadvantaged children worldwide and for me to be a part of that is special in its self… I want to be a part of a change and a positive outcome for people and I hope that I can be an inspiration to other young women that if you really want something deep down in your heart and know how you want your journey to pan out, anything is possible.

To believe in yourself as an individual is to sit down look at yourself in the mirror and be proud to be who you are deep down because beauty is only skin deep and if your happy with yourself on the inside it will shine through a thousand times more than the typical exterior! ???? the support I’ve recieved throughout my life from my family has been incredible I’m so blessed and my friends that have never given up on me means the world to me.

I hope now I can do you all proud and represent Bedfordshire the best I can! My dream has come true… To all you beautiful people in my life whether I’m family/close friends/or what …. Just know your all amazing and your fantastic never give up
On something you want we have got ONE LIFE so live it up !! Live for the moment it’s not what you do…. It’s what you do about it