Two weeks today I will be training with Nadia Afanaseva, a Russian & International Gold Medalist Winner in eyelash extensions. I am flying over to New York to update my skills and bring back to the salon “Volume Lashes” Also known as 2D-6D lashes and Hollywood lashes. Very excited and what an experience!


I can hear you all saying, “what is the difference from the classic semi-permanent lashes to volume lashes?”


Classic semi permanent lashes are 1 on 1. One false lash is attached to your natural lash.  (0.15-0.25 thickness)

Volume lashes are 2-6 very fine, tiny lashes (0.7 thickness) on 1 natural lash.


On a classic set around 70-100 lashes are applied on each eye, depending how many natural lashes you have. These are gorgeous, but for some people, very limited if you have fewer natural lashes or if you love a mega thick look. With Volume Lashes 240-450 are applied on each eye to get thickness and volume.


I am classed as a fast lasher. It only takes me 45 minutes to do a full set of classic lashes. The 2D-6D lashes take longer due to so many more lashes being applied – So treatment time is around 2 hours.


Top ups are required every 3 weeks, rather than classic sets are every 2 weeks to keep them full.



We are charging £75.00 for our first 8 clients when I’m back from New York. Then the price will be going up. (Price to be confirmed)


So if you want, fluffy, dramatic, thick lashes then Volume lashes are for you!



To all you lash technicians out there; if you want to learn this technique, please get in touch, as classes will start from February.


See below some of Nadia’s work.

6D Lashes

Volume Lashes

Volume lash Extensions