Where do you get your nails done?




All women love their nails done, don’t we? But do you know the dangers around different nail bars about products they are using?

With hundreds of nail bars around, how do you know which one to go to?


The main concern in nail bar’s is a product called Methyl methacrylate (MMA) This product is often used because it is cheap, but it has a strong odor that can trigger serious skin reactions or perm ant nail damage.


This product has been banned in the US and MP’s and industry insiders are trying to get it banned here in the UK.



Also a lot of nail bars using this product have staff that are not properly qualified.




How to know if someone is using MMA


* Low pricing for an acrylic service that is not on a special offer (MMA liquid costs £15 a gallon. Industry approved acrylic liquid cost £200 a gallon)


* Secrecy about the acrylic brands used


* Drill use should never ne damaging or painful. Drills are always used with MMA.


* Always ask questions when trying out a new salon and if you do not feel comfortable simply leave


* Nail technicians often wear masks (FDA has deemed this substance poisonous)

* Distinctly different odor from regular nail acrylic.


* Artificial surface will not release under extreme pressure. MMA nails rarely lift or brake and will take the nail plate off the nail bed if enough pressure is applied to break it.



Salons using MMA will probably not inform you of the potential dangers. We the professional salon in your area want you, the consumer to understand the importance of this issue.


Many thanks,


Katie Godfrey

KG Salon


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