Hi guys and girls,

Last week I had an interesting experience so I had to blog it.

As I have now moved an hour away from my salon, me and my partner, Oliver decided we wanted to try a sunbed shop near us, we also wanted to see how salons up here compared to Bedfordshire and my salon. You can get stuck in a rut always doing your own treatments and going on your own sunbeds so always good to get out there and see what’s about.

It was so tough finding somewhere to go – We finally found after lots of “googling” a salon very similar to KG in a village up from us.

Turning from a salon owner to a customer was exciting – I had that customer experience building up to go and looking forward to going on a sunbed which I haven’t obviously had for four years.

Greeted by a lovely young girl when we entered the salon. We agreed the minute’s we were going to do and brought our sunbed creams.  I asked the lady if they were 0.3 compliant and she said they were.

This way I new I was going to be safe and not burn.


If you don’t know about the new regulations, 0.3 is the name given to the Output Standards that is the new “Safe Limit” as passed under the EU Electrical Safety Regulations.

It means that all sunbeds should only be this strength – for the protection of the client – If you tan on a sunbed that is not 0.3, you are at risk of sunburn.

0.3 are much safer to use and you won’t burn – which is the dangerous part of tanning. 

Instead of going on for 3-6 minutes – You go on for 7-15 minutes. You build your tan up and it lasts a lot longer, rather than quick, burn and peel.


So back to the story – I went on this sunbed, it was a vertical one. No music, no fans, no timer in the cubical, no mist – Nothing! Ok they weren’t Ergoline sunbeds, which we are used to but wow – this was such a different tanning experience. I ended up getting off early – which if you know me…. Serous sunbed lover – I would never get off early. But I was so hot I thought I was going to faint.

Oliver who has only used our salon sunbeds in the past was just as shocked at how different they were!

Wasn’t until we got home that evening and started feeling we was burnt. For days we had to apply after sun lotion like we had been on holiday. We have been itchy and now peeling.


So basically the point of me writing this blog isn’t to slate other salons and sunbed shops. As you can see I haven’t mentioned salons name or area – it’s to warn people about 0.3 sunbeds and make sure your safe tanning.

This Lady said they are 0.3 compliant, and I took her word for it – but I should of asked to see the certificate which every sunbed shop should have up.

Think about your safety and skin!

See image below of my burn turning into peeling a week from using the bed. This should not happen!!

Safe tanning guys xx