What is the difference? 

A lot of people get confused between the difference of Acrylic and Gel nails……So what is the difference?
Gels are an overlay of your natural nail. They don’t extend your nails and are perfect if you have your own nails you are happy with.
Gel is basically a polish that will last you 2-3 weeks without chipping. If you have gels on your toes, they will last between 5-8 weeks.
Acrylics are perfect if you want longer nails than you have. They are hard wearing and you can keep up with them by getting infills every 2-3 weeks.
Do acrylics/gels damage your nails? If you get your nails done in a salon where they use no drills and only hand file your nails will be fine. A lot of nail bars used hand drills which cause a lot of damage your own nail bed – So make sure you go to a reputable salon.
Not sure if I have gels or acrylics on?  If you got your nails done and not 100% what you had done, here is how you tell the difference. Gels are a gel like substance that has to be hardened under a UV lamp. Acrylic is a liquid and powder formula with turns to acrylic.
What happens when they grow out? Gels you come back and we soak them off and put a new set on – You can’t infill gels. Acrylics you would have 2-4 lots of infills then have a new set on.
Any questions please contact us. We are here to help.
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Katie Godfrey