It won’t be long until it’s spring! I loooove spring – give me the sun and I’m happy!

Last Thursday I spent the day in the salon and did intimate wax training with Makayla & Malina (she refused a photo! 😂). Words can’t describe how proud I am of them both. They are total naturals and pick up everything so fast!

A massive thank you to their models as well! Really appreciate it, without you, they couldn’t learn and be the amazing therapist they are.

I’m super proud to say that they are both now fully qualified in Intimate Waxing and available to book in with.

The salons looking a bit different! We are loving the new look and we hope you do too! But that’s not all…. We have not one, but TWO brand new Pedicure Stations!

These are all things I’ve wanted to do for ages but hadn’t found exactly what I was looking for – the very best for you!

Let us know what you think to the little salon facelift 💗