Hey, hope you had a fabulous bank holiday weekend! 👋

We can’t wait to share this new with you…

Katie, many of you know (owner of KG) had the most incredible weekend! You may have seen on social media… she had her baby’s gender reveal on Sunday. IT’S A BOY 💙 oh, and she’s engaged 💍!!!

We couldn’t be happier for her, soooo exciting 😃


Let’s talk brows…

Your brows are the one thing you can get into shape without exercising! Win Win I say! 💪

Do you have trouble with thinning brow hair?

Gaps in your brows from over plucking in the past?

Unruly hairs that have a mind of their own?

Lack of shape or unevenness?

Brow Lamination is the answer to your prayers! 🙏

  • Essentially a perm for your brow
  • A setting lotion helps your brow hair maintain a thicker and fuller look
  • Gives a set, uniform shape
  • Wax and tint included if needed
  • Results lasting for up to 6 weeks!


Don’t forget your Brow Glue!

This product is perfect if you want to achieve the brushed up, fluffy brow look or simply to tame stubborn hairs that won’t stay in place. It’s also ideal for anyone wanting to see if the brow lamination look is for them before committing to the treatment.

This brow magic in bottle includes caster oil. Make sure you pick on up after your Brow Lamination appointment to keep your brows nourished and held in place!

I can’t go anywhere without mine! It’s the perfect size to put in your make-up bag.

Available to purchase in salon 🛒