I just wanted to share a few updates and some other exciting news to keep you all in the loop!

As winters really set in now, I just want to let all our clients know we are doing our very best to keep the salon cosy for our clients and team.

We have a bit of battle on our hands due to not being able to have central heating. Unfortunately this is out of my control. But rest assured we have extra heaters and heated air con units. This is to ensure the comfort of the whole team, and you when you come to visit us.

The nail area is a battle in its self due to being a large space, but we are surrounding it with heaters.
In the treatment rooms, the heated blankets are out so you will be nice and warm during your pamper.
Complimentary hot drinks are available as always. Including our luxury hot chocolates topped with whipped cream & marshmallows! 😍
Also, an update on the sunbeds.
One of our sunbeds sadly broke & it’s not wise for us to replace right now due to the economy. We have found since covid our sunbeds aren’t as busy due to spray tans being more of a favoured go to treatment.
What we have done is given the sunbed we have, a makeover! ✨  New bulbs & parts have been added to make it brand new.
For the time being, we will manage the sunbed as we always have done. But if we find people have to wait longer in summer months, we may start a booking system, but will play by ear next year. Of course, we will update you on any changes.
Something is coming soon in the now empty room…. New year, fresh start & all that! All will be revealed soon!



Once again, thank you for your custom & support!
Since opening the salon when I was 19 years old, it’s been my life, and I put my all into it to give you the best experience/treatments & service. All your custom & loyalty doesn’t go unnoticed. 💕