Want that bright white smile for this Summer?

Well now you can – With teeth whitening starting from only £55.00.

We do two options.

Home care kits – From £55.00

The Teethwhite Kit is a professional strength bleaching kit designed for full at home use. Our special formula is clinically proven to whiten teeth by up to 12 shades.
It is completely safe as stains are removed with a gentle, non abrasive, action which breaks down stains trapped in the teeth’s dentine into smaller particles which appear lighter in colour. This process leaves the tooth structure unchanged and will not damage the teeth in any way.

10% Whitening Kit with an option of 6 or 15 treatments. Ideal for younger clients and those who experience sensitivity.

16% Whitening Kit with an option of 6 or 15 treatments. Designed for clients that have no sensitivity and heavy staining.

Both strengths will eventually produce the same results but the stronger gel will get there quicker.

Each kit also contains —
Two Heat Formed Mouthpieces*
One Mouthpiece Case
One Instructions Guide

*Not to be confused with Boil & Bite Mouthpieces as they do not fit properly allowing saliva to dilute the whitening gel resulting in uneven whitening and spotting to occur in some cases.

Can order online at www.kgsalon.co.uk

Laser Whitening – £250.00 or £199.00 for 2 or more people (Treatments don’t have to be done on the same day just booked on the same day)

Laser Whitening Everyone wants beautiful white teeth and now you can get a smile makeover in your lunch hour with a Teethwhite Laser Whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening is a highly effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without adversely affecting any of the tooth’s surface. Over a decade of clinical research in the USA indicates that teeth whitening is completely safe.

— Can lighten teeth by up to 8 shades within an hour
— The cost of the treatment includes an aftercare kit, which will allow you to achieve maximum results
— Top up gels available for maintenance
— Completely safe
— Brings back any veneers and crowns to their original colour
— Highly trained technicians will work with you to achieve your expectations.
— No need for repeat laser treatments as your technician will advise you of the low cost maintenance products available.

Our ergonomically designed laser light acts as a catalyst to activate the gel into whitening all of the teeth within the smile

For any questions please e-mail or call Katie at KG Salon 01582 883611 and she will talk you through everything. Homecare kits can be ordered over the phone and be delivered next day.